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Scarcyny Park 10th Anniversary shows the love of the community for Southwest Detroit


Scarcyny Park 10th Anniversary shows the love of the community for Southwest Detroit

A few days ago, people in Southwest Detroit celebrated the 10th anniversary of Scarcyny park with a brand new renovation and beautification of the area.  Since 2011, it has been a perennial and recreational park and garden that is monitored and utilized by neighborhood residents.

“We really owe a whole lot to the neighborhood and the park for putting this together, it was really great what everybody did. And again, nobody can do it with just a great idea, it takes a class of people to put a vision together so we’re very lucky to have all these leaders here today,” said Jesse Venegas.

This Park has become a life project for many people. Some of them have spent a decade working to beautify the abandoned area, which today has become a place where the community can gather, and enjoy the beautiful gardens and vegetation in the neighborhood of Mexican Town.

“Originally the area was a dumping ground, and then the community members got together with Ideal Group, Southwest Detroit Business Association, Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision, and a number of other partners, and worked together to develop a community-driven design,” added Sarah Clark.

In fact, Sarah was the lead designer of the project, and the community stepped up and contributed their ideas. They handed out flyers in the neighborhood to invite people to come and create the park. One boy, named Christopher Lars, then 11 years old, came up with the name Scarcyny, a Greek word he had just read in a book meaning “something beautiful inside,” to honor “our beautiful park hidden inside the city.”

The Park has become a place where the community gets together. “It’s really wonderful to see the young people out here playing and enjoying the park. Also, more people are getting into gardening and discovering how much it can contribute to a community that’s connected and working together,” said Joyce Dallas.

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Scarcyny Park provides residents with a place to learn about gardening and a space to host neighborhood activities like Halloween events and birthday parties. It’s open, Monday through Sunday, from dawn to dusk.

“We’re so happy to be here celebrating ten years of Scarcyny Park. Ten years of rebirth and renovation of an area that otherwise was going to be left unbeautified. It gives me hope for the future. It gives me hope for this community – for both the people and the businesses – and for the wonderful things that can happen when people are brought together in such a positive way,” concluded Christopher Lynch.

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