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Olga Ortíz Rodríguez the winner of the 2020 Latina Community Leader Award


Olga Ortíz Rodríguez the winner of the 2020 Latina Community Leader Award

On October 16, Liliana Ospina the founder of Latinos En Michigan TV presented for the second year in a row the Latino Talent Awards to give a special award to Hispanic men and women who, through their work, volunteerism and commitment, improve the lives of many individuals in Michigan.
Many of them have been unsung heroes of the Michigan Hispanic community.
In 2020, during the nomination process on Facebook, organized by Latinos En Michigan TV, Olga Ortiz-Rodríguez was nominated for the Latina Community Leader Award and had to compete with Beatriz Montes, a renowned local singer and businesswoman, and Ara Sotelo, another Hispanic leader, founder of the Hispanic Cultural Center.
After a fierce competition, the community by voting in the Facebook poll chose Olga Ortíz Rodríguez as the winner.
But it is important that the community of Michigan and other parts of the world know Who is Olga Ortiz Rodriguez?
Olga is a Mexican immigrant, mother and wife, and a proficient bilingual business professional with more than 20 years of experience in economic and community development in the non-profit sector.
Olga is an expert professional in the delivery of financial and accounting services for non-profit organizations, providing financial advice, home ownership, and business consulting services, among others.
Her most recent job was as an accounting manager at the Southwest Detroit Business Association (SDBA), in which as an accountant she had to help the president of that organization in the financial part and additionally give comprehensive technical assistance with training services, tutoring and support for small business owners and entrepreneurs.
But her work goes further, as Olga also supports small businesses and helps business owners and entrepreneurs to create a business plans, financial projections, so that they can materialize their goals.
Through her advice, Olga promotes financial knowledge so that entrepreneurs can take the next step in the business cycle.
Additionally, Olga provides referrals and resources to business owners so they can access financing, training, accounting, and other resources.
And like many Hispanic women, Olga is also an entrepreneur, since she owns a consulting and translation business, which allows her to collaborate with immigration lawyers to help serve the low-income immigrant population, while they apply for residency or asylum in the United States.
Therefore, she understands how the knowledge barrier affects the most vulnerable populations and is always ready to help others so that they can achieve their business and financial goals. If you need the financial services expertise of a Hispanic professional like Olga, call her at (734) 265-0471 or by-mail at

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