Apromex celebrates the independence of Mexico on September 15.

On September 15, the Apromex association will hold an important event for the Latino community as part of the celebration of the independence of Mexico.

Apromex is the Association of Mexican Professionals of Michigan. This association was founded 13 years ago, with the intention of maintaining Mexican traditions, and sharing them with the public and people in the community.

Since its inception Apromex has focused on bringing the Mexicans of Michigan around various local activities, giving special emphasis to the celebration of the independence of Mexico.

“It is tradition that on September 15 and 16 Apromex performs a gala with various celebratory activities, we sing the anthem, we honor the flag and the cry of independence is in charge of the consul of Mexico,” says Marlene del Angel, member from Apromex.

However, this year the dynamics of previous years will change. “Before a gala was held, now it will be a great Kermesse, which will basically remind us of the traditions of Mexican towns,” adds Paulina Rodríguez.

A Kermesse is a popular party, usually neighborhood or neighborhood, that includes skill games, mechanical games, food and beverage stands, raffles and art numbers, which is used in many places to raise funds for various causes or charitable, artistic or social action projects.

Within the activities of the Mexican kermesse of this September 15, attendees can enjoy a show of compas, a modern dance with a combination of various styles, auctions and raffles of crafts.

“We will also have a catwalk of magical towns, a folk dance by” Matices and Jewels of Mexico “and Salsa classes. There will be various activities for children and adults, a lot of typical Mexican food, snacks, tamales, and a Mexican snack, ”says Daniela Sánchez de Tagle.

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“Especially we are going to have the Michigan Voice,” Daniela continues. “The Michigan voice is a singing contest where diverse people from the community with artistic talent will participate. There will be two judges with high musical experience, and participants can choose the track they want. The goal is to enjoy and have fun. ”

Although this event was created to bring the Mexican community of Michigan together, it also has a social sense. The funds that are collected are used to provide scholarships to young Mexicans residing in Michigan who wish to attend college. “When the call comes out we will make it public so that all your children or friends you know can apply for this help,” says Marlene del Angel.

The Mexican Kermesse will be held at the United Food Commercial Workers
in Madison Heights from 12pm to 7pm. Presale prices are $ 11 for adults and $ 7 for children. The day of the event prices are $ 15 and $ 10. Children under 5 enter free. Tickets are available at Eventbrite and the day of the event at the box office.

For more information about the celebration, visit the Apromex Michigan Facebook page or Instagram and tweet: @apromexmi.

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