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Registration for Additional Select Phases of COVID-19 Vaccinations Opens Today


Registration for Additional Select Phases of COVID-19 Vaccinations Opens Today

Local health departments and health systems have received authorization from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) to begin COVID-19 vaccination of some people in priority phases beyond 1A starting Monday, January 11. West Michigan health departments and health systems will begin accepting registration for vaccinations today at 1 p.m. via

Those registering should expect that appointments may not be available for several weeks as vaccine supplies are limited and Phase 1A is still in progress. We encourage everyone to be patient as we prepare for the upcoming vaccination phases. Vaccinations are occurring as quickly as possible and information is being shared as it becomes available.

For the COVID-19 vaccine to be effective, individuals must receive a second dose 21-28 days after their initial vaccination, and it must be from the same manufacturer. For that reason, it is important to schedule an appointment at the same location for both doses. There are no out of pocket costs for consumers to receive the vaccine; however, those with health insurance will be asked to provide that information.

The State has opened vaccinations for the following people:

All people 65 years of age or older not covered in Phase 1A. This includes those in a congregate setting who were not reached in Phase 1A.
Prioritized frontline workers whose job requires frequent or intense exposure to others, and who, due to the nature of their work, are not able to maintain social distance. For example, a first responder may have to physically touch other people in their response, and a childcare provider cannot maintain social distance from children when caring for their physical needs.
Specific prioritized categories are:
Pre-Kindergarten through high school teachers, support staff and childcare workers who usually have direct contact with children
First responders not covered in Phase 1A (e.g., firefighters, police, conservation officers, inspectors)
Corrections workers (e.g., staff in prisons, jails, juvenile justice facilities)
Workers in homeless shelters, congregate childcare institutions, and adult and child protective services
Individuals in Phase 1A who have not yet received the COVID-19 vaccine are strongly encouraged to register immediately to ensure smooth transition to subsequent phases. Criteria for Phase 1A can be found at

If further sub-prioritization is needed of frontline essential workers due to limited vaccine supply, MDHHS will consider prioritizing workers in locations where high rates of transmission and/or outbreaks have

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occurred and among workers who are at increased risk for severe illness based on age or underlying medical conditions. The MDDHS prioritization guidance can be found here.

Individuals should not receive the COVID-19 vaccine if they are:

In isolation or quarantine for COVID-19.
Pregnant or lactating, without first consulting with your healthcare provider to weigh the risks and benefits.
Have received any other vaccine in the last 14 days.
Have received monoclonal antibody therapy for COVID-19 disease in the last 90 days.                                                                               

For more information on the COVID-19 vaccines, visit

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