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Lilia Vega Igram told LMTV how Realtors are innovating in Michigan amid COVID-19


Lilia Vega Igram told LMTV how Realtors are innovating in Michigan amid COVID-19

Lilia Vega Igram is a Latina Realtor operating in Oakland, Wayne, Macomb, and Metro Detroit counties. Lilia knew how to stay active during the COVID-19 health emergency and lockdown, as well as in the gradual reopening that we are currently facing in Michigan.

Lilia, as for many Latino businesses, had a significant impact on their operation when the pandemic started, followed by the executive order issued by Governor Gretchen. Gretchen suspended all nonessential real estate and construction businesses on March 23.

“At first, we were concerned with the situation and wondering how we were going to handle it. It was a little bit difficult to adapt because suddenly you can’t go out, and you can’t serve your customers,” said Lilia.

However, she was resilient and quickly adapted to the changes and benefits that new technologies have currently brought. “I quickly got to work on virtual shows through Zoom. I put a house for sale and asked my client to record the entire house for me and describe every corner. I put together the specifications, offered it, and sold it.”

Michigan’s construction, real estate, and other “low risk” industries got the go-ahead to restart business on Thursday, May 7. From that date, they were able to reopen with new rules and security guidelines in force.

“Since reopening, we were able to show houses to our clients, but taking security measures.  My priority is to protect my clients and those who are selling their house,” said Lilia.

Currently, Realtors are not allowed to hold Open House events. So far, only four people are permitted inside a house when showing the property to clients. “When we show customers the house, we have to be much more careful and apply protective measures. Once inside the house, we all use masks, shoe covers, hand sanitizer, in addition to social distancing.”

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She confirmed that due to this kind of restrictions, Realtors are promoting virtual shows where they can show the properties by video, thus taking full advantage of today’s technology.

According to Lilia, the recovery of the real estate market will continue. She is certain times will improve and considers that this sector will be the one boosting the economy; for instance, houses are not losing value, as it happened in 2008. Also, “we must take advantage of current interest rates ranging from 2.9% or 3%, something never seen before,” she mentioned. 

If you are currently interested in buying or selling your property, you can reach out to Lilia Vega Igram at (248) 770-0429.

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