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Daniela Zamora, the woman who leads La Z 1310AM and 107.9FM radio stations


Daniela Zamora, the woman who leads La Z 1310AM and 107.9FM radio stations

Today in Latin talents, we bring you the story of a young businesswoman, who is in charge of leading one of the most famous radio stations for the Hispanic community in Michigan.

In the US, Hispanic women are rapidly becoming an economic and social power, Daniela Zamora of Zamora Entertainment in Michigan is a true example to follow.

Daniela is the manager of radio La Z 1310AM and 107.9 FM, in Taylor in Michigan, so she supervises the radio station daily operations, establishing new clients, developing business contacts, creating and programming promotions, and managing special events.

“Since I was 16, I started working with my parents, helping them manage Zomora Entertainment,” said Daniela.

Daniela studied at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where she majored in sociology and business administration, and apart from her work at La Z, she is aware of her vast responsibility as a mother of three children.

“I have lived in Michigan for 20 years; I am a wife and mother of three children.”
Despite her multiple responsibilities, Daniela took the risk of starting a challenging project in Michigan.

“This was the first project that I started by myself from the beginning, after a great friend, Amador Bustos, advised us of a great opportunity here in Detroit, where at the moment I Heart Media had a license available,” she said.

According to Daniela, she could not dismiss the opportunity to own a radio station with 5,000 watts power and massive coverage reaching out to Ann Arbor, Waterford, Toledo, and even distant cities.

“That’s how I started to plan how to make this project a reality. Apart from buying the license, we had to build the towers.”

According to Daniela, any construction project is challenging, expensive, and stressful. Additionally, she had to build from scratch the entire radio team; however, after many months of hard work, they managed to open in 2016.

“We got excellent response from the Hispanic community in Michigan, so we decided to grow and get another FM frequency, which later became 107.9FM. It’s focused on the Heart of the Mexican Barrio and was launched in 2017.”

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Daniela says that La Z is a family station committed to making events for the community such as Quinceañeras, Saint Jude, La Z Power, La Z Navidad, and much more.

Daniela believes that family approach is a legacy from her father, Mr. Pedro Zamora, who has been a source of inspiration to get ahead.

“What I learned from my dad is a good work ethic. My dad is the youngest son of a large family, and his parents died when he was very young, so he had to find a way to get ahead.”

Daniela says that despite the obstacles, her father managed to finish school, get two degrees, and open his own business. His father’s tenacity is what inspires her to advise the Hispanic community of Michigan.

“The important thing is to find the balance between family and work, but, above all, to dream big, because we women can do everything.”

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