By Liliana Ospina
DETROIT, MICHIGAN (LATTV) - Every year in the US, an average of 6 million traffic accidents occur, resulting in approximately 3 million people being injured, many of them with permanent injuries.
Something that affects mainly the Hispanic community, since according to the Transportation Safety Center (CTS), automobile accidents are the leading cause of death among Hispanics from 1 to 34 years of age.
That is why it is essential to seek the help of a car accident lawyer or a law firm such as Hakim, Toma & Yaldoo, P.C., specialized in automobile accident laws and other legal areas; they also offer personalized legal guidance.
This law firm with offices in Detroit, Warren, Grand Rapids, and Traverse City focuses on a small number of clients, to dedicate the time and resources necessary to help their client obtain the highest possible financial compensation.
We had the opportunity to speak with Carly Hakim Babi, a Hispanic lawyer who works in this law firm who informed us that many Hispanics are unaware, that, regardless of their legal status, they can receive legal help after a car accident.
However, the lawyer clarified that "if the injured is the driver, you can receive financial assistance, only if you have Michigan's no-fault insurance."
Although the lawyer declared that if the injured person is the passenger, during the accident and does not have insurance, there are other options to receive benefits.
"The injured party may receive money from the spouse's insurance or another relative living in the same house; by the owner of the car; or the driver; or the owner of the other car involved in the accident; or even the insurance of the state of Michigan," he said.
However, lawyer Hakim Babi said it is vital for the community to know that, if they plan to drive a car that is registered in their name, for more than 30 days a year, they are required by law to have Michigan's no-fault insurance.

According to the lawyer, generally, when someone has suffered personal injuries caused by a car accident, they can receive benefits for medical expenses, lost wages, housing and home modifications, assistant care, transportation, medical visits, physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, domestic chores, and substitution services, which includes activities that the injured could do before the accident, but can no longer do so. For substitution services, "a person can receive up to $ 20 per day or $ 600 per month," said Hakim Babi.
Many people are unaware of their rights and options when facing a traffic accident, and the mission of Carly Hakim Babi is to educate the Hispanic community of Michigan; hence they do not continue to suffer disadvantages in the legal system.
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